Chris Huhne “Fighting Climate Change Deniers Is Like Fighting Hitler”

Chris Huhne says the fight to save Climate Religion is the same as fighting Hitler

The voice of desperation likening the fight to save the Church of Climatology, to be the same as fighting Hitler, another fear loaded statement from Climate Change Scam Minister Chris Huhne.

The propagation of fear stories from the warming alarmists has picked up again. It started with Attila the Huhnatic saying that Climate Change makes wars more likely a good dose of Greenpeace manufactured fear about the oceans and now the UN wanting to establish one world government and one world religion, via its Peacekeeping force which the UN want to deploy when wars or civil unrest breakout due to Climate Change<

Fear has always been a very important weapon in the warming alarmists arsenal, the run up to Copenhagen COP!5 was all about Fear: the opening video for COP!5 was a message of fear.

Now as the scam dies they are pushing the fear message again, anyone who disagrees with the true believers are already labelled Climate Change Deniers, the inference being a link to Holocaust denial, so having summoned the ghost of Hitler the next logical step is to liken Climate Realists to being as a much of a threat to Global Security as Hitler was.

Now that sort of approach really underlines the strength of the scientific argument of the Church of Climatology, or then again, maybe not.

World leaders who oppose a global agreement to tackle climate change are making a similar mistake to the one made by politicians who tried to appease Adolf Hitler before World War Two, a British government minister said on Thursday.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Chris Huhne said governments must redouble efforts to find a successor to the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on emissions, although it was unlikely that a breakthrough would be made at a conference later this year in Durban in South Africa.

The global economic crisis has pushed the search for a legally binding treaty to limit planet-warming emissions down the political agenda and countries do not want to lose their competitive edge by going it alone on strict climate targets, he said.

In a speech urging countries to keep pressing for a climate deal, Huhne evoked the memory of British wartime leader Winston Churchill and the fight against Nazi Germany led by Hitler.

“Climate change is getting less political attention now than it did two years ago. There is a vacuum, and the forces of low ambition are looking to fill it,” he said. “Giving in to the forces of low ambition would be an act of climate appeasement.

This is our Munich moment,”

“Climate Appeasement” the jobsworths at DECC must have wasted several million pounds of our money thinking that one up.

When you consider Huhne’s Climate Appeasement statement in the context of Britain’s CO2 output, which is just 2% of the global total, it is patently stupid and ridiculous, which is an apt description of Chris Huhne.

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  1. It time for Chirs Huhne to be out of office. He has admitted above that climate change is off the political radar, in other words he failed at his job, and now he’s blaming others. He needs another job somewhere, perhaps in refuse or sewage mangement.

  2. And this comes from the same man who is currently wasting even more taxpayer’s money AND the valuable time of our Police Force simply because he is STILL “denying” a speeding fine, how DO these people ever get into positions of power!

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