Meet Deep Green Resistance The Eco Terrorist Group

Press Release - Deep Green Resistance evaluates strategic options for resistance, from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare, and the conditions required for those options to be successful.

The environmental and animal rights movement attract a certain type of person, easily lead, receptive to knee jerk soundbites, an inability to think anything through fully and the old marxist doctrine of the end justifies the means, even if in the case of animal rights protestors in London, your bomb kills an innocent baby.

In September 2010 one such person, the late James Lee walked into the Discovery Channel armed with a gun and a bomb demanding that Discovery changed it’s programming to the content of an 11 point Green manifesto that Lee had published on the Internet, after an explosion Lee was shot dead by a SWAT sniper.

Many Green NGOs have  promoted eco terrorism including Earth First! and Grist but never as directly as Deep Green Resistance who think the IRA provided a good example of how a eco  terrorist group should operate.

Just before Christmas 2011 Deep Green Resistance published a book, imaginatively titled Deep Green Resistance, described now by the press release on their website:

Deep Green Resistance starts where the environmental movement leaves off: industrial civilization is incompatible with life. Technology can’t fix it, and shopping—no matter how green—won’t stop it. To save this planet, we need a serious resistance movement that can bring down the industrial economy. Deep Green Resistance evaluates strategic options for resistance, from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare, and the conditions required for those options to be successful.

It provides an exploration of organizational structures, recruitment, security, and target selection for both above ground and underground* action

They then try to distance themselves from so called “underground” resistance with a disclaimer:

*Note: We are strictly an aboveground movement. We will not answer questions regarding anyone’s personal desire to be in or form an underground. We do this for the security of all involved with Deep Green Resistance.

So if Deep Green Resistance is an above ground movement why make any mention of the “underground” unless you are trying to manipulate your eco sheep to do violent actions of your behalf while maintaining what governments refer to a plausible deniability.

The FAQ’s on the website leave no doubt as to where Deep Green Resistance is coming from:

Q: Civilization is the only thing keeping violent criminals from raping/killing people like in those horrible places far away. Who will protect my family if we dismantle civilization?

After Bhopal, Warren Anderson was tried and found guilty in absentia for the atrocities of running Union Carbide. He was sentenced to hang. And the United States refuses to extradite him. If it were up to me, all the people associated with the Gulf oil spill, which is murdering the Gulf, would be executed. That would be part of the function of a state.

The Green marxist state executing people for oil spills, in this case all the people associated with the Gulf spill must be murdered by the state, the big question is how wide does this net sweep and how do you define associated with? Is it just the company executives or does it include workers who made the mistake and their families, as totalitarian regimes like the Green Hell proposed by Deep Green Resistance thrive on guilt by association.

Having dismantled the way we live Deep Green Resistance have some great ideas on how their brave New Green World should be policied:

There have been many resistance movements who have formed self-defense organizations and their own police forces. The IRA acted as neighborhood police, the Spanish Anarchists organized their own police force

That would be the same IRA that “policied” local areas of Northern Ireland by knee capping children with power drills then.

Q: How can I do something to help bring down civilization and not just throw away my life in a useless act?

Whatever actions a person takes (and this is true in all areas of life) need to count. Many of the actions being taken right now are essentially acts of vandalism, as opposed to acts of active sabotage that will slow the movement of the machine. So choose. How can you make your actions (and your life) have the most significance in terms of stopping the perpetration of atrocity?

Nothing like motivating the easily led to take action like active sabotage, sabotage has historically been the actions of an “underground” which of course Deep Green Resitance have a disclaimer for, more Green lies and double speak.

Q: How can I accept the risks of being caught when that could mean never being able to see or help my family/lover/children in these difficult times?

Nothing in this book is meant to exhort people to do things they don’t want to do. In fact, nothing in this book is meant to exhort people to do anything illegal

Er, sabotage unless the law has changed, is usually illegal.

Q: What has happened to those who have tried to use violence? Fred Hampton, Laura Whitehorn , and Susan Rosenberg are just a few of the many who have tried to use force and have ended up dead, framed, or in jail. You say we all have a role; how do you feel about proposing that others do what you will not do?

We are not asking anyone else to do things we aren’t willing to do. In fact, we aren’t asking anyone to do anything in specific. We all need to find our own roles, based on our personal assessment of what risks we can take and what our gifts are.

Cunning words no direct incitement to criminal actions, don’t ask anyone to do anything just wind them up and point them in the direction you hope some of them will go in.

The full FAQ for Deep Green Resistance is here.

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  1. Its pretty obvious that the State directly organised eco-terrorism here in the UK via undercover cop PC Mark Kennedy, directly funding the demonstrations even going so far as paying for protesters to be bussed in. State sponsored eco-terrorism by the Labour government probably with the aim of making the 2008 Climate Change Act look populist and politically sexy !

  2. Of course if there is no more industry there won’t be any electric drills to kneecap their enemies, or communications to organise their activities, or clean water to drink, or electricity/gas to heat their homes, or………………………….

    • that would be the goal, except for the clean water, which is polluted by industry. Down with electricity, which is an unsustainable process that is the primary example of pollution (unsustainable and destructive energy is exploited for limitless human growth)! DGR response is “unsustainable civilization is going to collapse, let’s catalyze the collapse so there will be more life/life support systems after (whereas it will destroy its own capacity for life otherwise)”.

      So for instance hackers and eco-terrorists would wage war against the exploitative social structures by detonating EMPs to shut down systems that facilitate the depletion of natural capital (forests, rivers, habitat, living species….), mobilizing “terrorist” networks for asymmetric actions to dismantle the infrastructure that destabilizes the conditions for life.

  3. I can’t help speculating as to whether the August riots were just what the eco-fascist anarchists had been planning all along and were to some extent a premature ejaculation of what is likely to come in the future. Said riots seem cool with the Corporate Nazi’s, its all OK if the riot participants are caught on their CCTV camera and prosecuted, any excuse to throw poor people onto the streets. However, the simple fact is probably something different as when the near future riots caused by power blackouts due to over reliance on wind power begin the CCTV will be inoperative. It is clear that there will be no deterrent whatsoever from CCTV and they can arrest and charge as many as they want but we don’t have the available prison places anyway. It must be a mistake to cut police numbers further, but perhaps the police in an attempt to secure their empire started the whole thing in order to give the country a taste of what they probably know full well is coming when the power cuts start. Who can laugh at Tony Farrell now !

    • it seems to me if species extinction and climate change are both caused by industrial civilization, and the effects would essentially threaten the existence of humans, and national governments do nothing but subsidize energy industries that perpetuate the whole development/pollution enterprise, then direct action to prevent further destruction is just, strategic, and morally defensible. Resistance means an oppositional culture able to fight back and win. Not like environmentalists are effective…the stakes are too high to lose this by only engaging in passive, “non-violent”, symbolic actions and marches that don’t do anything.

      Good luck to this group–they are probably the last chance this planet has if it wants to maintain any semblance of biodiversity and living matter (which we’re all dependent on for life).

  4. Dgr is definitely a terrorist organization and they have penetrated into positions in government and peddle agenda 21.

    • like who? the government is a group of neoconservatives and neoliberals interested in sustainable development. Deep Green Resistance is against all development and industrial civilization, which is causing the mass extinction event on earth today. They might be a deep ecology group but they are against the U.S. and U.N. governments, hence “resistance”

      • Dgr, the resistance? More like scum of the earth, defeatist organization that thinks if free energy like lenr were available, that we’d find some way to use it to pollute more than ever.

        No mention as to how many people would have to die for dgr to meet it’s unrealistic goals as outlined in their aboveground strategy guide.

        The real resistance, does not give government the excuses it needs to crack down on resistance. Only cowards wear black and dawn masks and trash things. The whole lot of these anarchists are trash! Walking down the street with torches while pretending to be resistance, while handing everything on a silver platter! What dgr describes as their goals, is called the UN agenda 21.

        For the good of humanity does not justify the absolute rotten evil that I see dgr members enacting! Sick people indeed the whole lot of them! I’ll take control of my own destiny myself rather than put it in the hands of some sociopathic, borg, hivemind, cult like the dgr! I dunno how you can sit here and expect people to swallow this shit! The author is right, their tactics would serve to do nothing but fuck any resistance up!

  5. Deep green resistance are lead by negative ET’s from the lower 4th dimension. They plan to take humanity back to the stone age and wish to do away with the rational thinking brain in humans. This is bc negative ets have control of humans 4th dimensional selves and humans are undergoing an awakening to the 5th dimension. The negative ETs are the ones who helped us destroy the planet in the first place, they are causing many of the effects of climate change with there technology. They wish to keep humans functioning at a low so they can keep taking our energy. What they get by taking our 4th dimensional energy is more power over creating reality without having to ascend to 5d.

    Positive ET’s are working from the higher 4th and 5th dimensions to assist in humans awakening. We are actually in the 4th dimension too now, and are in the process of ascending to 5d. The negative ET’s are doing their best to stop it.

    The tool the negative ET’s use is to arm both sides, after creating opposition in the first place. They created the radical left and the extreme right. They wish to hide the middle ground as it contains the key.

    They control humans via gender, class, politics, religion. Now they want to turn humans against each other by creating an illusion we have to fight for limited places on this planet. While at the same time they have prevented the development of technology’s that would make the world a better place.

    The reason for this is because they must keep humans functioning at the solar plexus level to prevent humans becoming aware in 5d.

    Gender is important as the thing we think of as masculine and feminine has to become united in the individual to reach 5d. As to open all chakras an individual has to go through all the stages that are both masculine and feminine. Gender forced in to a binary prevents this, the right wing force gender into a binary. As does complete removal of gender which is the plan of DGR and the far left.


    • Right, it’s DGR that wants to do away with rationality in thinking human beings…by the looks of the above post, they’ve already succeeded!

  6. Many of the above comments reveal the dogma and dominant fear that is the essence of non-earthbased human culture. Storyteller 410 said it right, but who cares, eh? I care. After reading this blog post, I was inspired to investigate DGR and then got into Chris Hedges’s work. I came back to say I think the deep green resistance’s alignment with native peoples and neonatal rights (early childhood/prenatal genderism is brutal, and unheard of earth-based cultures) is spot on.

    If Tory fans would use their brains in connection with their hearts, they would be happier, and healthier. If someone is beating up your mum in another room, the right thing to do is take smart action (call for help, or bust down the door) not sit around and philosophizing and ball scratin’ till the cows come home.

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