Green Wind Farm Supporters “Bird Deaths Are An Acceptable Trade Off”

Please note some people could find this video clip upsetting, the suffering of the vulture is all too plain to see.

Wind farms kill birds, there is no argument about this fact, the argument is about the numbers killed and how it is acceptable for Green hypocrites to sanction the killing of birds of birds of prey by the renewables industry, while at the same time screaming for the maximum penalties for anyone or organisation that kills a bird of prey.

The estimates for bird deaths submitted when a wind farm is approved are around 12% of the actual deaths caused by the bird choppers, the shocking news from Spain that between 6 to 18 million birds are killed annually illustrates the point, sadly.

A recent study in Klickitat County, Washington shows that active wind farms in Washington and Oregon kill more than 6,500 birds and 3,000 bats annually.

Biologist Orah Zamora works for West, Inc., an ecological field study company, monitors the Windy Flats project, one of the largest wind farms in the United States. Zamora looks for dead birds and bats that have been severed by the spinning blades of the surrounding wind turbines in order to conduct survey’s to observe how wind-power development is affecting birds.

“It’s like a crime scene, and you try to figure out what happened,” said Zamora. “Sometimes it’s really obvious because you can see a slice mark.”

The figures are for one county, not an entire state.

These surveys are financed by the wind industry and are mainly concerned with birds like eagles, hawks, and other raptors. Klickitat County is especially a concern because the area has an abundance of prey for these larger birds, hence, they tend to stay in the area. According to the study, these birds are diving for their prey and do not pay attention to the large wind turbine blades that may be in the way.

There are differing views between scientists, biologists and wind-energy developers as to whether birds are at high risk because no one knows what cumulative death toll will have a significant impact on the species.

Wind-power advocates say “these deaths are an acceptable trade-off for development of a renewable energy source.” They also note that man-made hazards and house cats account for tens of millions of bird-related deaths per year. According to Mike Sagrillo, a consultant who writes for the American Wind Energy Association, bird mortality “at wind farms, compared to other human-related causes of bird mortality, is biologically and statistically insignificant.”

Statistically insignificant” nothing like a good splash of Greenwash to smooth over the truth, it may indeed be statistically insignificant if the birds concerned are numerous, but in many cases it is birds that have been protected because of declining populations like Golden Eagles, Buzzards and Raptors that are being most impacted by wind farms. There comes a tipping point when due to more deaths than births the local population of say, Golden Eagles is no longer viable and the bird becomes extinct in that locale.

The problem for the birds of prey  is their traditional hunting grounds are also the best places to build the bird chopper farms, and as nothing can get in the way of the Green zealots the birds of prey are always going to be the losers.


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