Climate Change – How Did The Political Left Get It So Wrong

Cory Bernardi is a Senator for South Australia and on his blog he makes some very real points about the political Left that ring true not only for Australia, but Britain, the US and many other countries where the cancer of socialism has taken hold.

The tactics of the left are always to denigrate their opposition by likening them to some evil from history, people who don’t believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming are labelled Climate Change deniers, the implication being Holocaust Denial, according to many Climate Religion zealots people who don’t believe are not fit to be called “sceptic” or “skeptic” depending upon which side of the Atlantic Ocean you are on.

During the years of Labour Government in Britain (1997 – 2010) anyone who raised concern about the levels of unfettered immigration and imposition of the disastrous multi-culturalism was labelled a “racist” to immediately devalue their argument and make then look like a dinosaur.

The politically correct Left thrive on smears and guilt by their tenuous associations with historical evils and are never more happy than when they can invent new control  words that end in “ism” or “ist“.

At some point in the past few decades, the word ‘conservative’ became a pejorative slur. That’s because the few conservatives prepared to identify as such in public refused to bow down to the new orthodoxy of the left.

Now it seems that almost every one of the left’s sacred cows is being slaughtered on the altar of common sense.

Consider some of the hardest fought battles over the past 30 years: climate change, big government, welfare dependency and multiculturalism. Then reflect on the left’s arrogance in dismissing any challenge or warning about the possible negative implications of their world view.

Every passing day provides further evidence of the folly of the left policy agenda and the falsehoods it is built upon.

In respect to climate change, the planet stubbornly refuses to warm, the polar bears are inconveniently (for the eco-zealots) still with us and the green jobs have failed to materialise. The government funded computer models predicting apocalypse are repeatedly wrong. It is clear they have often been based on doctored data and ‘curve fitted’ to suit the preferred political outcome. Despite this, we are still expected to respect the ‘authority’ of these new style snake oil salesmen purporting to be experts.

Perhaps the worst offenders are the political leaders who use enviro-cred as an excuse to get their hands on more taxpayers’ money. We have been told repeatedly that Spain and California are great examples of economies creating green jobs and are a stunning model of what the new world should be. Both are now effectively broke with Spain recording 23 per cent unemployment and businesses fleeing California in record numbers.

The leftists will say it isn’t the green policies that caused this economic calamity but that conveniently ignores the hundreds of billions of dollars in government subsidies wasted on uneconomic utopian green dreams.

Then reality hit (or should I say that green socialism was mugged in the same way that all socialism is); sooner or later you run out of someone else’s money to spend.

The whole idea behind the AGW scam was always wealth redistribution and one world socialist  government, if that day were to ever dawn the big question would be: What would happen when the socialists have  spent all the worlds money on their politically correct hare brained schemes?

Hat Tip to @TotallyTopical2 for the story

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  1. The most ironic aspect of the Corporate Nazi Climate Scam the ” left “support so religiously acts against the interests of the low income people socialism is theoretically alleged to benefit. Appeasing the eco-fascists has led to perhaps the largest ever transfer of wealth from the poor to the obscenely wealthy than at any time in modern democratic history !

  2. I suspect one problem, at least in the UK, is education being largely in the public sector, with no real contractual aspect to it at all.

  3. The government funded computer models predicting apocalypse are repeatedly wrong.

    DEFRA are still at it with their Climate Risk Assessment Report, forecasting massive increases in flooding.

  4. Having followed the debate and controversy of Global Warming, now called Climate Change after the IPCC mandarins could not support their hypotheses for number of years. iIt amazes me that the fundamental function and disciplines of science is abrogated for political expediency and political correctness.
    As comments presented on this thread regarding the culpability of the proponents of ‘climate change’ dogma, criminal and litigation procedures should be initiated to stop this fraudulent travesty. In other words have judicial indictment issued against these crooks and have them explain them selves in a court of law. Then you will see the house of cards( global warming ) colapse faster than blink of an eye.

  5. The fact that the whole idea of carbon credit trading was developed by Enron should be huge red flag.

  6. Brokenhockeystick

    But all the worlds money has been spent, check out the details of the 122 country class action here –

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