George Moonbat “CO2 Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear Waste”

George "Moonbat" Monbiot CO2 is a far greater danger than nuclear waste.

George “Moonbat” Monbiot CO2 is a far greater danger than nuclear waste.

The latest Guardian environmental journalist to block yours truly on Twitter, George Monbiot, seems to be seriously losing the plot, as the Great Man Made Global Warming scam continues its slide into the trashcan of history, in his latest opus maximus Monbiot claims CO2 is more dangerous than nuclear waste, because there is no way to clean up CO2.

Moonbat is terrified of Carbon Dioxide, so terrified in fact, that Moonbat supports nuclear energy, which for a Green is a total oxymoron, as his fellow believers in Climate Religion celebrate Green tokenism from Japan and Germany in abandoning nuclear power, Moonbat despairs.

Moonbat also posses another quality rarely found in a Green Liberal, he to some extent, thinks things through, not the knee jerk flush of feeling good about some unexplored idea for George, who knows that governments will fill the gap in generating capacity lost by shutting down nuclear, by burning more coal and ergo more CO2 will be emitted, and the sacred emissions targets abandoned or breached.

Is this the end? According to the Green MP Caroline Lucas, new nuclear power in this country has been “completely derailed”. She may not be wrong. She was talking about the decision by Cumbria county council to reject the nuclear waste dump the government had planned.

Caroline Lucas and the Greens have long campaigned against nuclear power, the debacle with nuclear waste in Cumbria, the result the Greens were hoping for.

The Greens oppose nuclear for ideological reasons, fossil fuels for religious reasons and base their ill conceived ideas for energy generation on the intermittent renewables of wind and solar, backed up with slogans of mind boggling stupidity  like ““the wind is always blowing somewhere” or “there are enough roof top spaces for solar to generate all our electricity“, which would be great if the sun never set and the wind always blew.

Germany also decided to shut down its nuclear power plants after the Fukushima crisis, due to the imminent risk of tsunamis in Bavaria. Last year, as a result, its burning of “clean coal” – otherwise known as coal – rose by 5%. That was despite a massive cut in its exports of electricity to other European countries. One estimate suggests that by 2020, Germany will have produced an extra 300 million tonnes of CO2 as a result of its nuclear closure: equivalent to almost all the savings that will be made in the 27 member states as a result of the EU’s energy efficiency directive.

Moonbat quivers in terror, tsunamis in Bavaria as a reason to shut down nuclear power stations, what could have caused the German Government to do such a thing?

It is called Green tokenism, George something you and the other Greens have driven politicians to do, just to shut up your wailing,  and hopefully for the politicians to grab a few of the ever dwindling number of Green votes at the next election.

If the UK fails to replace its nuclear plants, which generate 22% of our electricity, the same thing will happen. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy – which is essential if we’re to have any chance of meeting our climate change targets – is hard enough. Replacing fossil fuels and nuclear power with renewables is harder still. As thermal power plants perversely attract less opposition than wind turbines, the temptation to replace nuclear power with fossil fuels will be overwhelming. Abandoning a proven and reliable low-carbon technology as climate breakdown accelerates is a special form of madness.

Moonbat states there is no way to clean up CO2, George it is called photosynthesis, used by oceans, plants and other organisms that remove CO2 from the atmosphere and incorporate it into their biomass, 2012 was the third record rice harvest in a row, Australia and Brazil had record grain harvests.

The stories of CO2 induced food shortages are just more Green lies, Google 2012 record rice harvest or 2012 record grain harvest, the results are as usual at odds with the Green meme.

After 16 years of no warming and ever increasing levels of atmospheric CO2, George there is no reason to be frightened of CO2, it is not a climate driver, observed empirical evidence shows that rising CO2 levels follow increased temperatures, not the other way around.

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  1. Is George Monbiot selling a TV station to Al Qaeda too? er… I mean Al Jazeera… which is totally different… some how.

  2. Shared on the social media where the great brainwashed abound.

  3. Fucking wingnut. The biosphere cleans up co2. Jesus, the man is having a public nervous breakdown. Sadly (not really) I am not allowed to post on CiF (I kept telling them that CAGW is a crock of shit, and you are not allowed to say that there), so can’t enlighten the fucking eejit.

    • On the odd occasion that I venture into that cesspit, I see the alarmists giving you the benefit of their SkS-founded knowledge. I may get halfway down the comments before I get sick and tired off the ignorance on display and look for the nearest exit sign.

      I admire your ability to deal with it as it’s beyond my mental energy at 68+.

  4. When I first started using Twitter I followed Monbiot and pulled him up on a tweet he made where he said that dying from hypothermia was a pleasant experience as he had once suffered from it in his past life. I put it to him that he thought it was OK for people to freeze to death then which prompted a nasty threatening direct message after which he blocked me when I tried to expand the debate.

  5. Well, for God’s sake, George, STOP BREATHING IT OUT!

  6. Great article, we will know that tw climate religion is dead as soon as they find some brand new scare to throw at us. Until then, facts are facts are facts, accepting facts is harder than finding them for many.

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