EDF Energy To Sue Environmentalists Over Power Station Sit-in

Green protestors from the group No Dash For Gas closed the West Burton power station for 8 days in November 2012.

Green protestors from the group No Dash For Gas closed the West Burton power station for 8 days in November 2012.

Last November 21 members of the No Dash For Gas sect of the Church of Climatology organized a sit-in at the West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire, which caused the power station to shut down for 8 days.

The Guardian proclaimed them Green heroes, and posted the usual fawning and sycophantic articles that are reserved only for noble Green activists, in fact today the Guardian has a video produced by No Dash For Gas which shows how to occupy a power station.

It is not easy being Green as the saying goes, it can also be very expensive being Green, as most energy bill payers now know from the real cost of Green renewable energy on their bills.

It is however about to get eye wateringly expensive to be Green if you occupy power stations:

Climate change protesters who staged a seven day sit-in at a Nottinghamshire power station claim they are being sued for about £5m by the facility’s owners.

The 21 campaigners from No Dash for Gas admitted aggravated trespass at the West Burton plant at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, on Wednesday.

EDF Energy confirmed the action and said damages and costs were “in the region” of the figure that is claimed.

The group said some of the campaigners face losing their homes as a result.

Before the Liberals start howling human rights violations and the right to protest, lets consider the actions of No Dash For Gas.

Their primary objective was to disrupt electricity generation at the power station, this is not protest, it is preplanned industrial sabotage, there is no doubt this was their aim as the group released statements on a regular basis about how much CO2 their actions had saved from being emitted.

Legitimate protest would have been placards at the gates proclaiming their fear of CO2 and hatred of industrialized society, not stopping EDF Energy from pursuing their legal right to do business without interruption.

The protestors were also demanding that government abandon future plans for investment in reliable gas power stations, and instead invest heavily in intermittent wind and solar energy.

A statement on the No Dash for Gas website reads: “EDF has launched a civil claim for damages against the group and associated activists for costs the company claims to have incurred, a figure it puts at £5m.

“Should the claim succeed, several of the campaigners face losing their homes, and all could face bankruptcy or be forced to pay a percentage of their salaries to EDF for decades to come.”

The 21 Green activists will be sentenced for aggravated trespass at Nottingham Magistrates Court in 2 sittings, the first on March 20th, the second on April 2nd.

Before you starting feeling sorry for these people, who are not all Gaia worshiping hippies, most are in fact professional left wing activists like Ewa Jasiewicz for whom Anthropogenic Global Warming is just another noble left wing Liberal cause, Jasiewicz when not spouting meaningless Green drivel about renewable energy, can frequently be found hating Israel and praising Hamas.

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  1. No Return to Cave Dwelling

    Hurrah for EDF !

  2. can you take 50p a week from my giro .

  3. You mean to say, they shut down an electricity generator during the colder months? They are mad terrorists. How many people suffered and also how many homes or industries did plant service? They should be jailed.

  4. Wouldn’t it make more sense to sue the Government along with the UN’s IPCC? They are the criminals who fostered the lie that scientific evidence conclusively proved that anthropogenic global warming was a fact. It was the UN, during Mexico’s African Report that fostered the idea of creating a global tax to benefit Africa, and the third world. It was the UN which opted for a tax on carbon emissions, because they could create a case for it being essential to save the planet, using the Greenhouse-Gas theory, that was disproved in 1909. A carbon tax, they argued would be easier to enforce than a Tobin Tax. However, they could not succeed without creating the Big Lie, that the Earth was imminent peril, solely due to anthropogenic use of fossil fuels, although man produces less than one-percent of atmospheric CO2.
    British politicians, eager to embrace a scheme that would allow them even more control over their debt slave populations, embraced and fostered the lie, and blatantly excused the doctoring of the historical data, by East Anglia University.
    Despite the lie of CO2 causing Global Warming being exposed in the British High Court, our Ministers of the Environment ignore the truth and continue to deliberately, or incompetently rob our country of the cheap affordable energy of fossil fuels.
    That’s why, the Government, and the UN’s IPCC, should be in the dock, charged with extortion, fraud, and crimes against humanity. Hundreds of people have died of cold, because they could no longer afford to turn on their heating. They were effectively murdered for a political lie.

  5. Awesome. Too bad we can’t get a DA somewhere here in the states to file criminal RICO charges against their funders. That would be fun.

  6. Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll
    just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
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  7. Oh dear, WUWT is taking the ADL to task too, for calling skeptics like holocaust deniers.
    What goes around comes around.

  8. stevenbdngs

    I was with you up until the Israel comment. I’m certainly not a liberal, but I can see apartheid and genocide when it happens. Moving onto EDF… Good for them, it’s difficult for any energy company to jump through legal and environmental hoops nowadays – but to have purposeful disruption of business is another matter.. EDF should win this one – It’ll make people think twice before ridiculous actions like that.
    EDF have a foothold in wise tactics to combat opposition, read this in French.. interesting to say the least http://serviceclientcontacter.website/edf-service-client-edf-contact/

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