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WWF “David Cameron Must Break His Silence On Climate Change”

Dave bothering a husky on Svalbard in 2006 on a trip organised by impartial environment group WWF

The world was a different place in 2006, the Anthropogenic Global Warming fad was still new and shiny, when the WWF took then leader of Her Majesty’s opposition David “Call me Dave” Cameron to Svalbard to see the effects of man made global warming in the Arctic.

Cameron like any other vote seeking politician saw the Green fear stories of man made environmental holocaust as a vote winner, and before long Dave was bothering huskies, putting wind turbines on his roof and having the Conservative Party logo changed to a green tree; Vote Blue Go Green was the crass logo on Conservative Party T-shirts of the time.

Cameron along with Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and many other leading politicians were instrumental in crafting and getting the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 passed by Parliament.

When the Vichy coalition government was formed Dave was going to be the “fourth minister” at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Read the rest of this entry

WWF Only Global Poverty Can Save The Planet

In October 2011 the WWF produced a report entitled Positive Energy how renewable electricity can transform the UK energy market by 2030.

If the WWF plan were to be implemented then the UK electricity market would be transformed, with only politically correct Green approved energy generation, rolling power cuts would be the order of the day, because, of course reliable gas and nuclear electricity generation would be illegal.

The WWF now have a new plan to save the planet, in line with the sustainable development meme from next months Rio+20 Earth Summit: Read the rest of this entry

Friends Of The Earth & WWF Recieved Billions From EU To Promote AGW Scam

The EU has paid billions to Green NGOs like Friends of the Earth and WWF so they can promote the self serving AGW scam

The UK Met Office has found itself in a very embarrassing position, an avid promoter of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, it has had to admit there has been no warming for the last 15 years.

This is seriously bad news for Climate Religion, to call it climate science is to do a major disservice to the many honest and diligent scientists, who actually practice real science.

At best the warmists could be described as a lobby group, but what do you call it when the Government funds the lobbyists to lobby the Government?

A number of words spring to mind Fraud for example, Global Warming, Climate Change, Green and Environmentalism are also synonyms for fraud: Read the rest of this entry

Fritz Vahrenholt 30% Of The IPCC Are Greenpeace & WWF Activists

The Cold Sun: Why The Climate Catastrophe Won't Happen

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has come in for repeated criticism of its scientific methods, peer review process and cherry picking of data to reinforce the scam that is Anthropogenic Global Warming.

To date there have been 2 books that have exposed the underhand dealings going on at the IPCC Andrew Montfort’sThe Hockey Stick Illusion” and Donna Laframboise’s  recent work “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert“.

Both are excellent books backed by an enormous amount of research, but neither Montford or Lamframboise have actually worked within the IPCC, unlike Fritz Vahrenholt: Read the rest of this entry

The WWF Plan To Make Energy Unaffordable In Britain By 2030

or how Britain can sit and freeze in the dark

The WWF have taken time out from controlling the UN IPCC by the back door to produce a politically correct religious tome about how Britain could get 90% of its energy needs from renewables by 2030, without, the need for either coal fired or nuclear power stations.

This is the silly season for warming alarmists as they prepare to commit terrible sins against the Environment by flying to Durban for COP17, so it is no real wonder that this load of  recycled Greenwash is being pushed hard.

The report is more of the same lies about the affordability and the benefits of renewables to the economy,  all underlined with the oxymoron of Green jobs: Read the rest of this entry

The WWF Should Stick To Being eHarmony For Pandas

"I like to knit humorous cummerbunds" "Oh really, I make Napalm at home for a local right wing group"

The warming alarmists at the WWF are at it again, trying to stop the next generation of coal fired power stations being built.

As Britain freezes and industry and the elderly struggle to pay heating bills, its business as usual at the WWF, not a thought for anyone or anything but Climate Religion.

For some reason the WWF seem to think that 2500 signatures on a Petition to Dave is a victory Read the rest of this entry

UK Guardian Finally Admits The Truth About Wind Farms

UK Guardian finally admits the truth about bird choppers, but with an ulterior motive.

UK Guardian finally admits the truth about bird choppers, but with an ulterior motive.

The UK Guardian has always pushed the Green meme about wind power being the cheapest form of energy in the long run, and what is more important it will allow Britain to meet the now conveniently forgotten carbon targets that once dominated the political landscape.

Us nasty climate change deniers have always maintained that wind power was no more than a heavily publicly subsidised monument to Green folly that provides very expensive intermittent energy supplies, creates no lasting real jobs and the production of wind turbines has created environmental catastrophes in countries like China.

With it being the Guardian a fair number of those that comment are outraged, in the way only a liberal mindset can be by the sheer heresy of the article and even more so that there is no mention anywhere of Climate Change, Global Warming or loss and damage. Read the rest of this entry

COP19 – Green NGOs To Walk Out Of The Climate Circus

Green NGOs are set to walk out of COP19 talks due to lack to progress in wealth redistribution.

Green NGOs are set to walk out of COP19 talks due to lack to progress in wealth redistribution.

After years of having a hysterical mainstream media pushing the Green fear meme, having politicians desperate to placate their shrill demands the Green NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF, FoE et al are having a tough time adapting to the new reality.

The writing first appeared on the wall at COP18 for the Green NGOs, when their interruptions to the climate talks was for the first time limited to just 30 seconds. A year later and the reality has still not sunk in, Green NGOs are now irrelevant to the COP negotiating process, despite still weaving their Green propaganda and junk science into IPCC Assessment Reports.

COP19 was always going to deliver absolutely nothing,even before the Boy King Obama killed off wealth redistribution loss and damage which effectively delivered the coup de grâce. Read the rest of this entry

COP19 – Coal The Silent And Terrible Ghost In The Room

Coal the silent and terrible ghost in the COP19 room.

Coal the silent and terrible ghost in the COP19 room.

Flashback COP15 Copenhagen November 2009 Warming Alarmism as political force has just peaked and though the major protagonists have yet to realize it, the long slow painful disintegration of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has begun.

In blissful ignorance of the coming storm the true agenda of the warming alarmists was being openly aired and applauded by the likes of Gordon Brown, Nicholas Sarkozy, the late and unlamented Hugo Chavez and the late President of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi who pronounced that the answer to Climate Change was Global Socialism.

Not long afterwards Hugo Chavez made his infamous “Silent and Terrible Ghost in the room” speech, a reference to capitalism and the free market economy to rapturous applause from all present.

Among those in the enthusiastic audience was one Christiana Figueres, Head of the UNFCCC, socialist thinker and long time Chavez ally. Read the rest of this entry

COP19 Hosts Poland “Melting Arctic Ice Offers New Opportunities For Drilling, Chasing Pirates, Terrorists & Ecologists”

    The self imploding farce that is the UN Climate Process reaches new levels of absurdity as Poland causes Green outrage, moral indignation and host of other Liberal only means of being offended.

The self imploding farce that is the UN Climate Process reaches new levels of absurdity as Poland causes Green outrage, moral indignation and host of other Liberal only means of being offended.

You could not make this up“, done to death you to have to admit, but sometimes a cliché really is the only the way to go.

You really could not make this up, the sheer ludicrous farce that the UN Climate Process has degenerated into continually plumbs new depths, or possibly heights of absurdity with COP19 hosts Poland doing a Greenpeace in reverse.

A certain post on the COP19 website has got every Green, warming alarmist, hippie and watermelon offended and indignant in the way that only the self appointed can be, for this is the best foot shooting yet: Read the rest of this entry


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