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Climate Change – How Did The Political Left Get It So Wrong

Cory Bernardi is a Senator for South Australia and on his blog he makes some very real points about the political Left that ring true not only for Australia, but Britain, the US and many other countries where the cancer of socialism has taken hold.

The tactics of the left are always to denigrate their opposition by likening them to some evil from history, people who don’t believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming are labelled Climate Change deniers, the implication being Holocaust Denial, according to many Climate Religion zealots people who don’t believe are not fit to be called “sceptic” or “skeptic” depending upon which side of the Atlantic Ocean you are on.

During the years of Labour Government in Britain (1997 – 2010) anyone who raised concern about the levels of unfettered immigration and imposition of the disastrous multi-culturalism was labelled a “racist” to immediately devalue their argument and make then look like a dinosaur.

The politically correct Left thrive on smears and guilt by their tenuous associations with historical evils and are never more happy than when they can invent new controlĀ  words that end in “ism” or “ist“. Read the rest of this entry


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