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Councils Told To Scrap Expensive Non Jobs

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has “suggested” to Local Councils that they scrap expensive “non jobs” to protect front line services from cuts.

Just what do “Street Football Co-ordinators”, “Cheerleading Development Officers”, Diversity Officers and “Communications Waste Strategy Officers” do other than cost a lot of money?

It is time that Local Councils were made accountable for their ludicrous waste of money on pointless non jobs.

Local Government is still living in an unreal world funded by the bottomless pit of the tax payer, just check the Guardian jobs page and see how manu local Government jobs pay £40-50k per year and all paid for by us.

Conservative Party Policy Announcements 2009

By The Tory Aardvark Editors


The cry of the rapidly dwindling band of supporters of Labour is often “The Conservatives have no policies” or our particular favourite “What are their policies? WE DEMAND TO KNOW!”
To help them answer this important question we will be updating this post with Policy announcements as they happen.
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For a full list of Conservative Party Policy announcements from last years Conference in PDF format click here

Policy Announcements 2009

Saturday 3rd October: Pensioners will keep their home and get free residential care if they pay £8,000 insurance fee
Sunday 4th October: Plans to tackle job crisis and get Britain working
Sunday 4th October: Grace and Favour residence to be opened to the public
Sunday 4th October: Plans to close up to 200 failing schools
Monday 5th October:Tough tests for those on incapacity benefit
Monday 5th October:Patients to be able to pick surgeons from league table
Monday 5th October:Voters to get chance to alter parliamentary bills
Monday 5th October:Michael Gove pledges new generation of technical schools
Monday 5th October:Conservatives propose giving more power to Parliament over its business and establishing public consultation on legislation
Monday 5th October: George Osborne announces plans for 60,000 new jobs
Tuesday 6th October:Osborne set to announce an increase in the retirement age to 66
Tuesday 6th October:Halting the funding of new speed cameras and the rolling out of average speed checks
Tuesday 6th October:Villages to be granted powers to expand by up to 10% over ten years
Tuesday 6th October:New rules for laws and quangos
Tuesday 6th October:Announcements in George Osborne’s speech

Eric Pickles Video on the Conservative Party Conference

By Tory Aardvark

The Conservative Party Charmain on the forthcoming conference

Conservative T Shirts

Eric Pickles’ is planning to launch a new Tory T-shirt at Party Conference. Will he wear it, I ask myself? After canvassing for ideas he has shortlisted four pro-Conservative themes….

* Yes we Cam
* Release your inner Tory
* Vote Blue not Brown
* Cam Can

…and four anti-Labour themes…

* Don’t blame me I voted Tory
* A picture of Gordon Brown and the words ‘The weak are a long time in politics’
* New Labour 1997 – 2010…end of an error
* A picture of Gordon Brown with the word ‘Fail’ underneath.

Aardvark will be ordering several of The weak are a long time in politcs and shortly emailing Eric with a suggestion that the F word be replaced with the C word.

Cuts what did you think I meant?


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